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Kitchen in Pepin Museum
Kitchen in Pepin Museum

I used to use the link section of my blog quite a bit. Honestly I don’t often anymore and some of my favorites are no longer active. I wanted to shorten my super long left hand column, but not lose the links although, so here are what I previously had linked.

ALHFAM – Association of Living History Farms and Museums is the professional organization for living history historic sites and historians who reenact daily life. Although to get the full benefit of the organization you need to be a member, including access to articles by yours truly, this blog keeps you up to date on living history. Please consider joining and attending a conference.

Ben Franklin’s World – A great history blog on early American and colonial history.

Collectors Weekly – A website with posts about a different collectibles by experts.

Footnoting History – Footnoting History is a bi-weekly podcast series dedicated to overlooked, unknown, and exciting stories plucked from the footnotes of history.

Greenfield History – A Tour of Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI. Sadly it was last updated in 2016.

Historical Sewing – A blog and podcast of a historic sewer.

History Myths – Urban legends about history that never was, debunked in posts that take on things people get wrong about history and look for the truth. Currently she’s reposting updated debunks, but they’re still worth reading and sometimes she does new ones. Got a pet peeve history myth? Let her know!

Know Your Own Bone – A resource for creative engagement in museums and cultural centers.

Living History Farms – The living history museum in Des Moines, Iowa features different farms and a town along a timeline. This is their blog. However, the most recent blog post is from 2017. Between 2012 and 2014 they maintained a separate blog specifically about the Flynn Mansion (the restored home of the man who donated all the land that now makes up Living History Farms. In 2015 they combined the two blogs, but left the old Flynn Mansion blog up.

Uncommon Book – A blog for independent historians.

Way of Improvement Leads Home – John Fea’s essays and reviews on the history of American culture.

One-Room School Links


Greenmead One-Room School
Greenmead One-Room School

Also find the CSAA listserv, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Find more one-room school resources on my pathfinder.

And I’m always looking for more people to fill out my one-room school lunch survey.

UPDATED June 10 2019: I fixed a broken link.

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