Schedule of Presentations

If you don’t go through Humanities, normally I charge $250 a program with 50 cents a mile mileage. Ask if you want more than one program. See more details on my Time to Book a Program page.

NOTICE: The programs listed here are those as currently scheduled. If a sponsoring organization is closed or canceling programs due to the virus, programs will be rescheduled. I’ll confirm programs the week before. So far only the North Liberty programs have canceled, but depending on the coming events more might be canceled or delayed.



I had a number of programs scheduled. April is, of course, normally my most heavily scheduled month of the year. Some programs have been rescheduled. Some programs have been moved twice already. At least one has been pushed back to next year. Once things settle down I’ll post the updated schedule.

Watch for updates!

Even if there isn’t a program scheduled near you, it’s not too late. If you’d like me to come present near you make sure to tell your local library, museum or civic group. I’m really excited about my “In the Kitchen With Laura” program and I’m starting work on “In the Schoolroom With Laura” for next year. If you are looking for a program, check them out.  Learn more here:

Humanities Iowa
100 LIB RM 4039
Iowa City, IA 52242-1420

Sarah on Laura Iowa Public Radio –

Sarah on one-room schools on Iowa Public Radio-

Sarah with Caroline Fraser on Talk of Iowa –

Last Updated: April 16, 2020
By Sarah S. Uthoff

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