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As a subset of episodes of Trundlebed Tales Radio, I’ve started a series that looks at travel in general from an insider’s prospective. These will be short episodes (30 minutes or less) and will strive for an insider’s view of some travel destination or activity. Sometimes it will just be me, other times I will interview an insider. I hope you enjoy our Travel Times.

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Travel Times


Travel Times Latch-Hooking
Original Airdate December 3, 2019
Start with classic historic hooking rugs with Rose Wilder Lane. Then drop into the world of modern latch-hooking.

Travel Times What Disney Words Mean
Original Airdate August 22, 2019
There is a HUGE community of Walt Disney World addicts online. They’ve produced discussion boards, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, blogs, websites, and podcasts. Unfortunately for a lot of new fans it’s like coming in at the middle of the movie. This episode will get you going on the basic terms that you’ll need to successfully plan a trip. And trust me you need to plan to have a successful Disney trip.

Travel Times Cookbook Collector
Original Airdate March 31, 2019
Join us as we talk with long time cookbook collector and home economist Susan Uthoff. Uthoff has been collecting cookbooks for over 50 years. Find out how she selects the books and categorizes them. She’ll also give some tips to what to look for to find a quality cookbook and some suggestions on how to do your own cookbook.

Travel Times The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village Take 2
Original Airdate August 31, 2018
Join host Sarah S. Uthoff as she breaks down for you the history and the connections behind Henry Ford’s living history masterpiece. Greenfield Village is a living history site that rescued or recreated important buildings all around the country — and a couple from Europe too. Learn about Ford’s plan for the museum indoors and out, Ford’s connection with schools, and why “history is bunk.” Also learn how Ford’s Museum is part of a larger story having to do with Abraham Lincoln, John D. Rockefeller, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Alva Edison, Herbert Hoover, and Walt Disney. Plus, why you need to add the Henry Ford to your list for future Laura Ingalls Wilder trips!

Travel Times Springfield Illinois
Original Airdate July 8, 2017
We’ll look at taking a trip to Springfield, Illinois. Without a master plan to, our family seems to end up in Springfield, Illinois every few years since I was about 8 years old. Even with all these trips we still haven’t seen everything there is to see. Springfield is unique. Besides being the headquarters of all things Abraham Lincoln, it is also the site of a major Frank Lloyd Wright house, lots of government related sites, the Illinois State Fair grounds, and plenty of stuff for Route 66. Tune in to figure out what you should see in Springfield.
Travel Times Christmas, Museums, and Living History
Original Airdate December 10, 2017
Christmas is an important holiday at museums. It often is the focus of some of the biggest events in the museum calendar. This is especially true about living history museums, historic villages, and house museums. Why should you brave the weather and the cold to go? What do you want to do to prepare to go? What is living history? Why is it a special Christmas experience? What do the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesites do for Christmas? Take a listen and you’ll learn.
Episode 28 – Travel Times Broadway Bound
Originally Aired April 13, 2016
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks with Pam Stover, frequent Broadway patron, to get the inside out of how to do a trip to the theater capital of the country. We’ll cover both the basics (how do you get tickets, what do you wear, etc.) and tips for doing Broadway on the cheap.
Episode 27 – Travel Times Travel Iowa
Originally Aired March 21, 2016
We visit with Jessica O’Reily from Travel Iowa and learn about places to visit in Iowa. We’ll look at both classic sites like Living History Farms, Plow in Oak, the Amana Colonies, and the West Union Grotto and new sites that have only recently started. Are you looking for a day or weekend short trip, a longer trip to somewhere in Iowa, or passing through Iowa en route to somewhere else? Check this out to find out what places you just can’t miss and how you can find out more?
Episode 26 – Travel Times Walt Disney World and Back
Originally Aired January 17, 2016
There are plenty of Walt Disney World podcasts out there (truly there are, take a look) and I’m not aspiring to add to the list, but I have been so excited about the trip that I’ve been sharing. This episode will be me summing up the trip what worked for us and what didn’t. I had a great time and hope I can go back before 30 years goes by again.
Episode 25 – Travel Times Disney World Part 2 Books
Originally Aired October 10, 2015
Our efforts to plan our family’s Disney trip to Walt Disney World continue. This episode is going to be dedicated to the paper books that are available to help people plan their Disney vacations. I went on a bit of a buying bender and so you’ll get the low down on the 5 books I bought. Two I’m recommending as must buys, 2 are maybes who they’d be good for, and one definitely do NOT buy. So come check out my opinion and feel free to make suggestions of your own.
Episode 24 – Midwest Old Threshers Tour Plan
Originally Aired September 7, 2015
How to get the most out of visit to Old Threshers. Never been to Midwest Old Threshers before or wanting to have a new experience during your trip, then check into our touring plan. Midwest Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa is probably the second biggest event in Iowa after the Iowa State Fair. It draws a large number of regular attendees from three states and has a large number of people who, just like Iowa State Fair, camp out and stay all week. It can be a confusing place with groups from the theater museum to steam engines to trains to trolleys to horses to a western town to a log cabin village to a doll collection. So learn what there is to see.
Episode 23 – Iowa State Fair Touring Plan Travel Times
Originally Aired August 23, 2015
As part of my Disney trip planning I’ve discovered a lot of touring plans for places for the parks. They’ve been very helpful and so I thought it would be nice to do some touring plans for some of the places I’ve visited. While I’ve done an episode on the Iowa State Fair before, I hadn’t done an actual plan where I go through and tell you how to tour the fair. That’s what I’m going to do today, take you exactly where to go at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. From the Big Boar to the Old Mill find out how to go to have the most fun at the Our State Fair because it’s a Great State Fair!
Episode 22 – Travel Times Disney World Part 1
Originally Aired June 21, 2015
This winter my family is going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The planning has already begun and we’re really excited. It’s a lot different than when I last went in the 1980s. Tune in to catch up on what has changed in the planning process and what decisions we’ve made so far. You can follow our trip planning and then tune in after we get back to find out how it all worked.
Episode 21 – Travel Times I Know Nothing About Laura Ingalls Wilder Trips
Originally Aired April 23, 2014
Want to take a Laura Ingalls Wilder trip, but don’t know where to start? I’m going to do a dual Travel Times Trundlebed Tales episode where I give a background that will be help visiting any of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesite trips.
Episode 20 – Travel Times Amana
Originally Aired March 23, 2014
Join host Sarah S. Uthoff as she gives an insider’s account at eating in the Amana Colonies of Iowa. Named the top tourist attraction in Iowa multiple times, the Amana Colonies offers a unique experience that anyone living in Iowa or just passing through ought to experience.
Episode 19 – Travel Times Couponing
Originally Aired October 25, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks with Mary Potter Kenyon author of Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America’s Extreme Obsession. We’ll talk about the history and culture behind couponing and how to get started getting the most from your coupons.
Episode 18 – Travel Times Guatemala
Originally Aired September 3, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks to Kirkwood Community College President Mick Starcevich about the service learning trip he took to Guatemala with Kirkwood students. This service learning trip gave something to both sides the Kirkwood students and staff who traveled there and the people they helped build a new home.

Episode 17 – Travel Times Historic Baseball
Originally Aired August 26, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she interviews Betsy Urven, manager of a historic baseball team. Historic baseball is where modern teams play by 19th century rules and it’s a growing movement. Whether you’re just interested in watching a game or you want to learn how to play yourself, take a listen and find out about this new old sport.

Episode 16 – Travel Times Archaeology
Originally aired July 24, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff and Lynn M. Alex, recently retired Director of Education and Outreach for the State Archaeologist of Iowa as she shares with us what happens on an archaeological dig and how you can be involved. Alex has conducted research in the Midwest and Plains for 35 years. Her second book entitled Iowa’s Archaeological Past, was published by the University of Iowa Press, 2000. Her particular interests include the late prehistoric cultures of the Plains and Midwest, archaeological manifestations of culture contact, fish bone analysis, and public education in archaeology.

Episode 15 – Travel Times Conferences
Originally  aired May 11, 2013
Have you ever attended a conference? How about one outside your professional focus? Attending conferences can be a lot of fun and interest. Learn conference jargon, what to look for, what it’s going to cost, and what attending a different conference can mean for you.

Episode 14 – Travel Times Disney
Originally Aired March 2, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks with Richard M. Simms one of the biggest Walt Disney World fans on the planet as he gives the inside story on how to have the most fantastic Disney World vaction. From running a marathon to attending a food festival, travelling with adults or with a family to having a special Twitter account just to share his Disney adventures Richard’s done it all so listen in for the full scoop.

Episode 13 – Project A.W.A.R.E
Originally aired February 20, 2013
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks with Seth Zimmerman about Project A.W.A.R.E.. A statewide program in Iowa where volunteers devote time to cleaning up Iowa’s waterways. This will be the 11th year of the project and Zimmerman has been involved for most of them. Find out about how to give back while you’re enjoying some of Iowa’s waterways on this episode of Travel Times.

Episode 12 – Mankato, Minnesota
Originally aired July 2, 2012
***I have to apologize for some bad technical issues right at the beginning of this one. It clears up within a couple of minutes and then it is fine.
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks with Larissa Mrozek and Christine Nessler of the Mankato Convention and Visitors Center as we check in on all the things to do in Mankato. Mankato will be the host city for the LauraPalooza conference in mid-July.

Episode 11 – Travel Times Living History
Originally aired May 20, 2012
Have you ever been to a living history museum? Do you know how to act when someone in first person talks to you? Where can you find living history sites? How can you get involved with living history? Learn about the regional and national organizations that support living history (Association of Living History Farms and Museums and Midwest Open-air Museums Coordinating Council) Join host Sarah S. Uthoff as she talks about her experiences with living history.

Episode 10 – Roller Derby
Originally aired March 19, 2012
Robin Robinson aka Cindy Whopper joins us to tell us about the recent revival and female empowerment of Roller Derby.

Episode 9 – Stormchaser
Originally aired February 21, 2012
Listen as we talk to Michelle Martin about chasing storms and tornadoes.

Episode 8 – Historic Meals
Originally Aired January 20, 2012 – Note I took advantage of a snow day to slip this one in so it wasn’t scheduled ahead.
Find out about eating a historic meal at a museum, a historic restaurant or an event.

Episode 7 – Amtrak
Originally aired Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Join us as we talk with Shelley Schultz about riding the rails with Amtrak.

Episode 6 – Bed and Breakfast
Originally aired Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Join us as we talk to the keeper of the Blue Belle Inn with rooms dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maude Hart Lovelace, and L.M. Montgomery.

Episode 5 – Professional Baseball Games
Join host Sarah S. Uthoff as she interviews avid baseball fan and collector Jen Paulsen Uthoff about the hits and misses of attending a professional baseball game.

Episode 4 – Iowa State Fair
Join us as we talk to Susie Uthoff whose family has been attending the Iowa State Fair annually since the 1920s.
Originally aired Monday, August 8, 2011

Episode 3 – Civil War Re-enacting
Join us as we talk to Ann Cejka long time Civil War re-enactor and learn all about from a participating or just attending point of view.
Originally aired Monday, July 11, 2011

Episode 2 – Trekfest
Join us as we learn all about the only Iowa festival to celebrate an event in future history, the future birth of James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame.
Originally aired Tuesday, June 14, 2011–trekfest

Episode 1 – RAGBRAI
Join us as we get an insiders peek into RAGBRAI with Arron Wings in our very first travel episode.
Originally aired Wednesday, May 11, 2011–ragbrai

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