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This new page on the blog provides links to posts with playlists and directories helping you find videos. I have mainly included videos that are on my Trundlebed Tales YouTube channel which I recently reactivated. I currently cross post on my Vimeo channel. You can use either platform you prefer.

This is a directory of seven different categories of videos:
Fan Favorites, Trip Diaries, In the Kitchen, Unboxing, Iowa’s Treasures,
Tech and Library Help, One-Room School, and Holidays

Keep watching for more additions!


Fan Favorites – Most Watched

Laura Ingalls Wilder FAQ

Shirley Knakmuhs Ringing Pa’s Church Bell at Walnut Grove

Laura’s Lapdesk Reproductions

Cottonwoods Memorial Site De Smet SD

Going Wading in Plum Creek 2009-2010

Sleepy Eye, MN Tour

Wayside Cabin Pepin, WI

Trip Diaries

Little House on the Prairie TV Show Cast Reunion 2014

Melissa Gilbert Visits the Cedar Rapids Public Library for The Prairie Cookbook Launch 2014

Laura Days Pepin 2013

LauraPalooza 2012

Straight Line Wind Damage at the School for the Blind Vinton

De Smet & Walnut Grove Trip 2011

Wendy McClure “The Wilder Life” Prairie Lights April 2011

LauraPalooza 2010

Going Wading in Plum Creek 2009-2010

Wayside Cabin Pepin, WI Sept. 2009

Lake Pepin Walk Pepin, WI Sept. 2009

In the Kitchen With Laura

Historic Foodways Display in Pepin 2019

Bottle Calf

Braiding Onions

Farm Chickens

Ginger Water

Kerosene Lamps

Wringer Washer


Unbox Cats Meow

Pass Around Basket

Laura Ingalls Wilder T-shirt Party

Mansfield Unboxing June 2019

Trundlebed Trails

Driving Along the Mississippi River

Iowa Treasures

Nelson Pioneer Farm

World’s Shortest Railroad

Tech and Library Help

How Do I Read Conference Tweets If I’m Not on Twitter?

How to Listen to Trundlebed Tales Radio

Identifying Parts of a Book

One-Room School

Austin Palmer of Palmer Method Buried in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


April Fools – April Fools Meal

Christmas – A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas

Christmas – Bubble Lights

Christmas – Little House Christmas Tree Exhibit at Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Fall – Fall into Fall

Memorial Day – Avenue of Flags Oakland Cemetery Solon, Iowa Memorial Day

Memorial Day –  Memorial Day History

Winter – Winter Storm

UPDATED: October 22, 2019

By Sarah S. Uthoff

Sarah S. Uthoff is a nationally known Laura Ingalls Wilder authority and has presented at five of the Wilder homesites, many times at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, many conferences and numerous libraries, museums, and events around the Midwest. She is the main force behind Trundlebed Tales fighting to bring the History, Mystery, Magic, and Imagination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and other greats of children’s literature and history to life for a new generation. How can you help? Attend one of her programs, schedule one yourself, watch her videos, listen to her podcast, look at her photos, and find her on Facebook , Twitter , Google+LinkedIn , SlideShare, and . Professionally she is a reference librarian at Kirkwood Community College and former director of the Oxford (Iowa) Public Library.