Why Quilts Matter Quilt Month

I stumbled over an episode in this series and was very impressed. I haven’t managed to find the full series and sadly this isn’t the episode that blew me away (I especially appreciated their exposure of the Quilt Code myth), but this episode does do a nice job of explaining to the initiated of how important quilt makers and collectors are economically. For example, if you want a historic fabric for clothes that would only be used for clothes, it will be very expensive, if you find a historic fabric that would be of interest to quilt makers the increase in demand is such that enough is made so the price drops. Happily this means more historic cloth, sadly it means historic clothing makers have a limited palate.

Think you know what all quilters are like? I’m willing to be you’re not even close. This episode also does a nice job of showing just how diverse and wide spread world wide quilting is.

March is Quilt Month and Quilt Day was celebrated by museums around the country. They are promoting the free streaming episode in honor of the month. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Size of Quilt Subculture 4:00 – Quilt Shows 5:20 – Diversity of Quilts 8:30 – Average Quilters education and investment in quilting 9:05 – Quilt Jargon 10:15 – Culture evolution 1980s on 13:00 – Quilt Shops 13:30 – Quilting Magazines 13:50 – Barn Quilts 14:50 – High Tech Quilting 15:15 – Paducah KY(revived by quilts) 18:00 – Politics 20:00 – Quilts Inc vs. American Quilters Society 21:30 – What makes a real quilt 23:00 – Competition and copyright 24:00

This is what they say about this episode.

“Quilt making,” as one quilt maker says, “is the greatest mass movement nobody ever heard of.” The population of the American quilt world outnumbers those of many small countries, and yet most outsiders remain unaware of its size, diversity, and economic clout. In this episode “Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics” goes inside this unseen world, meeting its participants, attending its events, analyzing its businesses, periodicals, support services, and technological advancements. Our experts also provide a bird’s eye view of the politics, as various festivals, artists and quilters struggle for the heart and soul of Quilt Nation.

Featuring appearances by Shelly Zegart, Ricky Tims, Bernie Herman, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Bonnie K. Browning, Susan Ball Faeder, Karen S. Musgrave, Meredith Schroeder, Janine Janniere, Justin Hancock, Mark Hyland, Judy Schwender, Gerald Roy, Gerry Montgomery and William Schroeder.

Find out more about this episode and about the entire series here: http://www.whyquiltsmatter.org/welcom…


Little Quilts on the Prairie

One of the vendors at the LauraPalooza conference was from right here in Iowa. Little Quilts on the Prairie is located in Polk City, Iowa. I haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet, but I enjoyed their vendor booth.


Hoover Exhibits 2010

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library has announced its exhibits for 2010. They are back to their normal schedule with a smaller exhibit in the spring and the larger exhibit over the summer and fall. I’m especially interested in the spring exhibit.

Patterns of the Past: A Century of American Quilting, 1840-1940

January 23 – March 10, 2010

Quilting is a distinctive American art form that combines thrift, aesthetics, utility and cooperation. This exhibit features some of the exceptional quilts of collector Nancy Pfutzenreuter.

Exploring Hoover’s Attic: Treasures, Keepsakes and Surprises

April 16 – October 31, 2010

An exhibit offering a rare look at souvenirs and memorabilia from a life of adventure in the 20th century.