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My great-grandparents and me
My great-grandparents and me

I’m going to start doing a more in-depth description of one of my programs each month. Check them all out. Which one would you like to see most?

Genealogy Basics (PowerPoint Presentation)

There are lots of genealogy presentations, workshops, and general how-to information out there. What makes my presentation different is that it covers genealogy basics from a librarian’s viewpoint. Librarians help people with research all the time and so I bring that viewpoint to the subject. I offer suggestions about how to get started. We have a short hands on activity to form your first research questions to work on and then dive into ideas about how to stay organized with your research. Sometimes when you drop into a new hobby or project you get lost in all the things you don’t know. If you don’t know the terms, the processes, the organizations and the businesses, it’s easy to get lost. I’ll go over the basics of those.  Then I’ll go over some dos and do nots based on things other people wish they had done differently. I’ll talk about not only how you begin gathering information, documents, artifacts, photos and other family treasures, but what you do with it once you collect it. I’ll cover some basic suggestions on how to store things, how long some things last, and warning signs to look out for.

I’ve done this program many times and it always gets a very positive response even from people who have been involved with genealogy for a long time because they get a fresh prospective. In one sitting it takes an hour and a half, so I’ve decided it may work well for people to offer it in two 1 hour sessions with some additional information. I haven’t done it that way yet, but I think it might work better.

Alternative Version – Genealogy for the Non-Genealogist Librarian

I’ve done a second program that explains genealogy and genealogists to librarians. It’s proved to be a popular program with sessions at a national and statewide conference and a regional workshop in the last couple of years. I’d be glad to do that version as well.

Find the Handouts here:

Pathfinder BeginGenWeb2013

I’ve used the same information to create a LibGuide.

Beginning Genealogy LibGuide

NOTE: This program is not covered by Humanities Iowa so normal rates apply.

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