Listen to Thornton Burgess and the Residents of the Green Forest and the Green Meadow

Every year for Read Aloud Day I read something that is out copyright protection. The last couple of years I’ve been reading from Thornton Burgess books.

Who Was Thornton Burgess?

Burgess was a naturalist who wrote a column for children about wildlife. His stories were about humanized wild animals. They wear clothes and talk, but otherwise act as the real animals do. His stories were set in the Green Meadows and the Green Forest. Since they were originally written in a column each chapter begins with a recap and ends on a cliff hanger which makes them excellent for reading a chapter aloud. Also, they are perfect early reader (around 2nd grade) books.

Read Aloud Selections

Today the Thornton Burgess Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen continues his work helping children discover the joy of nature. Personally I learned to love his books on the recommendation of Iowa City Public Library’s long term (40 years) children’s librarian, Hazel Westgate. I’ve done other things in honor of World Read Aloud Day including how they celebrated Easter in Gene Stratton-Porter‘s near biographical Laddie: A True Blue Story, a part of Millbank the only novel mentioned in the “Little House” books, the Great Auk section of “Pa’s Big Green Animal Book,”and one-room school readers.

Listen to the Bedtime Stories

Lately I’ve done several episodes on reading Thornton’s adventures of the little folks of the Green Meadows and the Green Forest.

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog the first 30 minutes

Old Mother West Wind is actually a collection of short stories so it doesn’t do the chapter recap and tease the next chapter. In 2019 I was working on testing microphones and I read the stories in roughly 10 minute chunks.

Mother West Wind’s Children Part 1

Mother West Wind’s Children Part 2

Mother West Wind’s Children Part 3

Mother West Wind’s Children Part 4

On World Read Aloud Day 2020 I picked back up Mother West Wind’s Children and read two more stories. Next year I may pick something else or I may return to this, but for now enjoy a 30 minute version.

Mother West Wind’s Children Part 5

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