Star Wars Day Star Wars and Disney

This year the big news this year is of course that Disney has doubled down on Star Wars. Long a fixture at Walt Disney World with the Star Tours ride, Disney opened more – including a store, a meet and greet, and a projection/firework show shortly before our visit in 2015. Now they are working on opening a Star Wars land in both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios (personally I think they ought to have a whole park to themselves) scheduled to open in 2019.

Star Wars characters at base entrance
Photo of Stars War Land – Courtesy of Pauly Tee


I don’t have a great story to share this year so how about some links?

60 Facts About the Star Wars Universe for Star Wars Day courtesy of Mental Floss

All We Know about Star Wars Land courtesy of Variety

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Giant AT-AT walker outside Star Tours at Walt Disney World
AT-AT Walker (my favorite thing at Star Tours) – courtesy of Pauly Tee

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