Interviews 1 and 2 on Trundlebed Tales Radio

Trundlebed Tales Radio had its first interview with Nicole Elzenga of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.  It aired live January 26, 2011, but you can still listen to it.–nicole-elzenga-of-walnut-grove

Their website:

There is a gap at one point where my voice cuts out for about 30 seconds, but I come back.

Interview number 2 was with Barb Mayes Boustead of NOAA who talked about weather and Laura and her presentation at Laurapalooza about whether the Long Winter was really as bad as Laura said. It aired live Monday, February 21, 2011, but you can still listen to it live here:–barb-mayes-boustead

Find her blog here:

or find all the archived episode on iTunes

Again, there is a gap of about 30 seconds at one point, but we come back.

The next episode will be Trundlebed Tales Ep 7 – One-Room Schools: An Introduction
– Wednesday,  March 9, 2011
10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, 8 PM MST and 7 PM PST.

If you’re around in real time, you can stream it and participate in a live chat.–one-room-schools-an-introduction

You can also call in to (714) 242-5253 or toll free 1-877-633-9389 to hear it–just listen, or talk to me live.


Walnut Grove and Laura’s Birthday on Trundlebed Tales Radio

Check out our latest episode where we interview Nicole Elzenga of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, MN.–nicole-elzenga-of-walnut-grove

And plan on celebrating Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday on Feb. 7 at 8:30 pm CST.–celebrating-lauras-birthday

Musical Launch Announced

Update: I imagine a lot of the hits this post gets are looking for a different musical launch announcement, but in case you ARE looking for Little House on the Prairie the Musical, read more here:

The AP recently issued a news release giving more information about the national tour of the Little House on the Prairie the musical.

Giving the most information about the cast (they are keeping most of the Guthrie productions leads) is this article from Broadway
The tour will start off back in the Twin Cities, this time at the Ordway in St. Paul AND they are for once giving hard dates both of the run and even when you can buy tickets. It will be on the Ordway’s Main Stage from Oct. 13-25, 2009 with tickets going on sale September 13th, unless you buy season tickets. See the Ordway’s information at this link below.

The Marshall Independent’s story involves an interview with the Nicole Elzenga and Amy Ankrum of the Walnut Grove Museum to put an interesting twist on the national story.

Read it here:

This makes the number of stops announced four (Denver, New Jersey, Toronto and St. Paul), but still no schedule on the official musical website.

Check back here for more information as it is announced.

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