T-Shirt of the Month March 2017

When I post my video diaries I always get comments about my Laura clothes. No, not my period dresses, but my Laura Ingalls Wilder t-shirts that I wear for travel and Laura trips. I thought everyone might enjoy a closer look at them. So enjoy our new monthly series where we look at a Laura shirt each month.

Clothes are one of those things that I once kept as a firm line not to cross as part of my efforts to restrict my Laura collection to a reasonable size. That totally failed when I discovered how great it is to have a Laura t-shirt on when traveling. It really makes it feel like your trip has already started once you get in your car.

Nellie's Restaurant T-shirt
Nellie’s Restaurant T-shirt

One of the things the actual town of Walnut Grove has done to mirror the TV town is to call the local restaurant Nellie’s. On the show Mrs. Oleson opens a restaurant to give Nellie something constructive to do. It ultimately brought in the character who would become Nellie’s husband. The real restaurant doesn’t look much like it’s TV counterpart.

Nellie's Restaurant Exterior
Nellie’s Restaurant Exterior

It was on my list of things to do to eat there, but I hadn’t made it for several trips. When I finally made it, I made sure to buy the t-shirt.

Sarah at Nellie's Restaurant
Sarah at Nellie’s Restaurant

It was a fun mom and pop style restaurant. I had a lovely breakfast. I hope you make it on your next Walnut Grove trip.

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