Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch Podcast

Quilt Square Session at Ushers Ferry

Learn about the Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch offered by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, Inc. (formerly the Mississippi Valley Girl Scout Council) in the latest Trundlebed Tales Podcast.

Episode 31 – Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch
Originally aired April 28, 2012
Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks about her experience with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Girl Scout Patch. This program will be aimed at Laura fans who want to know more, Girl Scouts and their families who are considering earning the patch, and for people who may wish to set a workshop in their area.

Episode 9 – Take a Bite Out of History: Biscuits
Follow along with the basic food history information given to the Girl Scouts for the “prairie meal” part of their patch workshop at Ushers Ferry.
Laura Ingalls Wilder meets historic foodways when host Sarah S. Uthoff takes you through the “Prairie meal” part of the Laura Ingalls Wilder patch session as she did it at Ushers Ferry and introduces you to some introducing facts and thoughts about food history.–take-a-bite-out-of-history-biscuits

Classic post with basic information:

Patch Requirements:
They’ve updated it to the new form and added one, but basically they are the same as I talk about on the podcast.

Purchase a Laura Ingalls Wilder – Living With Laura Badge (Anyone may purchase one)

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, Inc.
Cedar Rapids Area Leadership Center
317 Seventh Avenue SE, Suite 201
Cedar Rapids IA 52401
Phone: 319-363-8335 | Fax: 319-363-1620
Calls answered Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(800) 798-0833 – Local Toll Free Phone
Web Site:

UPDATE May 28, 2015: Honestly, I’m beginning to think the Girl Scouts don’t have anything else to do, but redesign stuff. I updated the information, including the address and links to earn and purchase the Laura Ingalls Wilder badge. My guess is you’ll see this post updated again soon.

Sarah S. Uthoff is the main force behind Trundlebed Tales fighting to bring the History, Mystery, Magic and Imagination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and other greats of children’s literature and history to life for a new generation.Attend one of her programs, schedule one yourself, watch her videos, listen to her podcast, and find her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+,LinkedIn, and She is currently President of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. Professionally she is a reference librarian at Kirkwood Community College and director of the Oxford (Iowa) Public Library.


Take a Bite Out of History

Baking on a wood burning stove
Baking at Ushers Ferry

My radio show’s, Trundlebed Tales Radio, primary focus is Laura Ingalls Wilder. However, I think understanding Laura requires understanding things she knew and experienced in her life. You start researching Laura and then you want a Laura dress, you want to make the stuff she and Ma made, and each step you take along Laura fandom draws you deeper into wanting to know more about life in the 19th century. So from time to time the show will do a special episode where we look at food history and it’s current practice.

My first historic foodways episode will air Sunday, April 3, 2011 6 PM ET, 5 PM CT, 4 PM MT and 3 PM PT. Take a Bite Out of History: Biscuits will feature the same basic information I used when doing the “prairie meal” section of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch at Ushers Ferry.–take-a-bite-out-of-history-biscuits

Call in and listen or talk at:  (714) 242-5253 or toll free 1-877-633-9389

I’m still experimenting with what times bring in the largest live audience. So far week night seem to do better, but I’m giving the weekend another chance. Hopefully soon I’ll settle on a regular broadcast pattern although it might be interrupted depending on when interviewees are available.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about the Girl Scout Patch Day I chaired at Ushers Ferry Historic Village in Cedar Rapids. We didn’t design the actual patch or create their standards. I didn’t design the actual badge requirements, I just created the best ways we could get meet the requirements and give the girls the best possible experience. As with all Laura events I’m involved with my two guiding principles are 1) would I haved liked to attend this event and 2) would this be something Laura could be proud of.
We designed a day of fun and interesting activities that met enough of the requirements so that if each Girl Scout read one of the books on her own or with a parent and attended the one day workshop, she would qualify for the patch.

I’ve gotten questions on how a group can get the patches. How we ran it at Ushers Ferry was that we got each girl a certificate of completion (designed by staff member Ann Cejka). Each girl was then responsible to get there own patch because one of the requirements was reading one of the ACTUAL Wilder books, not the simplifications, and we couldn’t do that in the group setting in one day.
The Mississippi Valley Girl Scouts actually produce the patches, but they seem
pretty happy to sell them to anybody. Here’s a link to them.

Here are their updated requirements.

Links updated 5/3/2012