T-Shirt of the Month June 2017

When I post my video diaries I always get comments about my Laura clothes. No, not my period dresses, but my Laura Ingalls Wilder t-shirts that I wear for travel and Laura trips. I thought everyone might enjoy a closer look at them. So enjoy our new monthly series where we look at a Laura shirt each month.

Crossing the Rubicon

Clothes are one of those things that I once kept as a firm line not to cross as part of my efforts to restrict my Laura collection to a reasonable size. That totally failed when I discovered how great it is to have a Laura t-shirt on when traveling. It really makes it feel like your trip has already started once you get in your car. They are also fun to wear other places. I wore mine to Walt Disney World and started a couple of conversations that way.

Shirt of the Month

Here is this month’s t-shirt:

Hot pink print on black t-shirt
Old Walnut Grove Pageant T-shirt

Wear Your Laura Shirts With Pride

I’m coming off our recent trip to South Dakota, hopefully see new post about here soon. I wore a Laura t-shirt every day and got asked lots of questions about Laura and the homesites and got directed by many western South Dakotans to the Keystone Area Historical Society’s Carrie exhibit. So my t-shirt collection is almost all t-shirts to wear. This shirt is one of the exceptions.

40th Anniversary of the Pageant

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Walnut Grove pageant so in their honor I’m going to share several Walnut Grove shirts starting with this one. I got to attend my first pageant there on a birthday trip in the early 1980s. I’ve been many times since with a VIP behind the scenes tour the last time. I love the Walnut Grove players.

I also have a terrible habit of cruising Ebay looking for Laura related stuff. I used to do it more before my collection had filled out so much (so I’m probably missing stuff), but I happened on this great shirt. It was only a medium and there is NO way I’ll ever be wearing it, but I had to have it for my collection. I mean who could pass up Pa, Ma, and Laura printed in neon hot pink? Certainly not I.

Check out this podcast about the pageant.

And check out these two video diaries about visits to the pageant.

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