Have a Coke With Me Caroline

If you are unfamiliar with it, last summer Coke kicked off an extremely simple, but incredibly effective marketing campaign. On individual serving bottles they started printing labels with names. The idea is to support conversations between users to get Coke on social media, plus straight out get people to buy more with friends and families names. Last year when I visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota I saw they had collected the named bottles for our favorite sisters Mary, Laura, and Carrie.

Caroline Coke Bottle
Caroline Coke Bottle

I saw this as a thrown down gantlet. This summer my goal is to get the whole Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Jack, and heck let’s throw Manly on the list. My first success was Caroline. Please take photos of your bottles and tag me in on Facebook and Twitter @TrundlebedTales.

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Mountain Dew Taste Test

Mountain Dew Blind Taste Test

Recently the makers of Pepsi made a limited time offer of Retro Pepsi and Retro Mountain Dew in the United States. They already offered such a product in other regions around the world. They charged a premium and sold it my the individual bottle primarily at convenience stores. The primary different between this and the normal stuff was that for sweetener they used real sugar instead of corn fructose. It really did make a difference. At a family get together we did a blind taste test and of the 20 people there all but correct identified which was which. I wish they would bring back this product long term.

For those of you who like the classic real sugar taste, there is also an option for Coca-Cola. Coke is bottled regionally. They use whatever sweetener is cheapest in the area. Around the Midwest that sweetener is again corn fructose, but in Mexico it’s sugar, so if you can get some Coke bottled there (also it still comes in the less gas pervious  glass bottles so the carbonization lasts longer) you can still taste the Real – Real Thing.