Laurapalooza Video List 2012

It’s been a while since LauraPalooza 2012, but I recently realized I’d never created a page on my site for it, like I did for LauraPalooza 2010. I’m going to remedy that. For each individual day below I’ll list a link to a post I did on Beyond Little House which includes more detailed descriptions on the contents of each video (including links for more information), the direct video links, and a short list of highlight features.

Find the videos from Laurapalooza 2010 here.

Sarah presenting at LauraPalooza 2012
Sarah presenting at LauraPalooza 2012

Day 1 – July 11, 2012

Links to the conference packet, One More On the Way posts, and a tribute to Daniel Rabe who was very active at the conference and has since passed away. The footage focuses on my trip there and the ice cream social.

Day 2 – July 12, 2012

Opening Address, Laura and Louisa, Little House and Little Women, What Would Laura Read? Youth’s Companion 1879, Merchandise Table, Wilder Weather – What Laura Witnessed

Legacy Awards presented to Barbara Walker and Shirley Knakmuhs

Dr. George Tann, Black Frontier Physician, Julie Williams, The Legalities of Rose and Roger, Pa’s Fiddle, Authors Reception, Amber Waves

Day 3 – July 13, 2012

Bad luck for Friday 13th, Quilt Historian, Hands On Music, Hands On Quilts, Hands on Food, Wendy McClure and Barbara Walker at hands on food

Barbara Walker keynote

Some more greetings, Alison Argrim’s show, Charlotte Stewart shows up as a surprise at Alison Arngrim’s show, Beth Ingalls-Leisses.

Day 4 – July 14, 2012

Start of last day of conference, Julie Williams – Little Newspaper on the Prairie, more greetings.

Educator Panel, Kelly Kathleen Ferguson – A Twenty-First Century Look at the Farm Cure

Sarah Uthoff – What a Doll!, Spelling Bee, Silent Auction, Closing Remarks

Walnut Grove, Charlotte Stewart, Eleck Nelson Fan Club

Days 5 and 6 LauraPalooza July 15-16 2012

And we end with a short video about the last two days of my trip.

And I can now link you to the video magazine I was filming with which is part of why I went to De Smet.

Read more about it and find the link here:

Sarah S. Uthoff is the main force behind Trundlebed Tales fighting to bring the History, Mystery, Magic and Imagination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and other greats of children’s literature and history to life for a new generation.Attend one of her programs, schedule one yourself, watch her videos, listen to her podcast, and find her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+,LinkedIn, and She is currently acting President of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. Professionally she is a reference librarian at Kirkwood Community College and director of the Oxford (Iowa) Public Library.


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