Mentions July 2013

sMississippi River Overlook Behind

Mississippi River Overlook Behind

I’ve decided to try to create a few regular features on the blog. One is my on-going experiment to see if putting together a national schedule of Laura Ingalls Wilder events is easier by the month than it was when I tried to tackle by the year. Another one is this a report of mentions, quotes, or interviews of me from the previous month. If I don’t have enough we’ll just skip it for a month, but I’m enjoying it, so I hope you are too.

This month I was interviewed by the blog 1000th Voice about Laura Ingalls Wilder:

A page of biographies from speakers at the Association of Rural and Small Libraries came out. It’s listed in alphabetical order so I’m near the bottom:

I’m also featured on a special page for Laura Days in Pepin:

Learn more about Laura Days:

That’s a photo of me visiting the IMAX at the Putnam to Star Trek Into Darkness. Behind me see the panoramic view of the Mississippi River. For some reason this seems to be my year to see the Mississippi River. It’s funny how things run like that sometimes. One year every time I turned around I ended up in Charles City, I ended up there about 8 times that year. This year it’s the Mississippi. Not always in the same place, but this was the 10th time I’ve seen the river this year.

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