Peppy – the Lake Pepin Monster

Its only connection with Laura is its location, but Dakota Girl Cheryl Whitlock just pointed out an article providing information about Peppy, the Lake Pepin monster first spotted in 1871 and offering a reward.

Lake Pepin from boat

Lake Pepin from boat

Pepin isn’t about to let Lake City take the title of Peppy’s home. Read more about Peppy including how to get your own Peppy shirts and mugs. You too can take part in creating a myth.

Read more about Peppy or Peppi here:

And buy your own Peppy mug and shirt here:

UPDATE: A lot has changed since I made this first post. Sadly Wilder Books (which I thought had great potential) has closed down. You can no longer get the Peppy Products I originally linked to, although I’ve left the link in the original post. You can still get a Pepie, the Lake Monster T-shirt of your own.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the level of interest in Peppy or Pepie or several other spelling variations. Read about the various versions of the name, along with a local’s report here:

This post is one of the top 10 post for views of all time. It’s such a popular subject that I returned to it again earlier this year where I covered Pepie getting his own homepage.

The reward still seems good. Have you ever seen something strange in Lake Pepin?

UPDATE 2014: In July 2014, The Star Tribune published a couple of articles on Peppy.

Lake Pepin’s rumored creature may be folklore come to life

Creature, monster, serpent – it’s still a mystery

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  1. I came upon an unpublished story by Laura Ingalls Wilder last year with the title, “Little Indian, Big Fish.” It was a story Pa told Laura about a remarkable big fish in Lake Pepin. It must surely have been Peppi.

    • What town is Skyline in? There has been a lot less effort to find or document Peppy than Nessie or Champy (2 more famous lake monsters), so who knows. I think it’s fun to think about and I wouldn’t argue with anyone who thought they saw it, but I know it’s easy to misidentify something and as someone wise once said our brains are programed to see things a certain way because the ancient people who were more likely to live and have descendents were the ones who looked at a bush and mistakenly saw a bear, rather than the ones who looked at a bear and mistakenly thought it was a bush and our brains are programmed accordingly.

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